Once a month I bring together a small group of 3-5 visionaries for a meeting of minds. A place for sharing ideas and challenges while connecting with other like-minded business owners. We meet either in person around San Diego or on the interwebs like the digital mavens we are!

Salons are 100% free, my friend! No obligation, no sales pitch. Just you + creative visionaries + me. Jamming on our businesses from what to say on social media to who is actually your ideal target market (emphasis on ideal) and everything in between.

You bring a topic you want to talk about. The burning desire to launch something new or going a new direction. How to get out there in front of the right people. The dread of it not really working, but knowing you have something. We sit powwow style as a group. You get time in the hot seat to let it out… Then as a group we give our experiences on the topic and brainstorm possible solutions and resources.


You walk away with new friends, solutions, excitement to expand, the permission to simplify and much more.

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