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I believe in freedom.
I believe in the individual.
I believe in you and your vision for the world.


I believe in freedom and success on your own terms. Not the success of conformity, but the success of non-conformity. We all have a journey to live, an individual journey. I believe in owning that journey. Become the master of your own life and business. Life is an experiment after all.

I believe in you. I see the vision you have for the world and it’s beautiful. Let’s make that happen. Let’s take bold thoughts, mix them with adventurous action and add the spice of creativity.

AWILDE CO. is about living your journey and your quest to make an impact with your business as one of the modes of transportation for both. I’m a Business + Creative Strategist who works with visionary business owners looking to bring great work into the world. The services, products and programs offered are the alchemy of bold thoughts and adventurous action with the spice of creativity.


About Amie Wilde:

Amie Wilde is a Business + Creative Strategist with a vision where every individual owns their unique journey full of freedom and simplicity. Where business is just one form in which we can own it, put out natural talents to work and make our visions a reality. Amie founded AWILDE CO. as the vehicle for her work and vision. She works with business owners to create momentum, simplify, focus on their core business and gain clarity.

Previous to starting AWILDE CO., Amie worked as a brand development specialist at a boutique consulting firm in San Diego while also holding the title of Assistant Director for Fashion Week San Diego. As second in command in a start-up environment, you make the ship run while being a jack of all trades. Get the full download on Amie Wilde’s LinkedIn profile here.

Amie graduated cum laude from San Diego State University with a degree in International Business specializing in Marketing and emphasis in French. Along the way, there was in internship in New York City with Fashion Snoops where she went on to do freelance trend reporting for the company in Paris and Los Angeles. Then there was 6 months studying abroad in Paris at one of the top business schools in the country. Studying in Paris broadened her mind with rich experiences – studying and working with individuals from every continent while exploring the French culture.





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