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App for real perspectives

Beme Panels fosters a community of real people with real perspectives

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Beme panels is a social media app fostering a global and diverse community with real perspectives using short video messages to answer questions surrounding current issues. The community is your average person, rather than an ‘expert’. The video response feature also makes the app feel less anonymous. You hear and interact with real, everyday people.

Beme states, ‘Panels is a place for seriously honest perspectives, told through short videos from people all over the world.’

Beme uses panel responses in their YouTube videos called Beme News where they are planning to create a daily news show ‘to make sense of the day’s news.’ Beme panel is available on iOS and android systems where users can request access to the community. The latest app from Beme is led by YouTuber Casey Neistat. and backed by CNN.


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