What does beauty mean to you?


I’m working on a project centered around beauty and what’s happening in the industry. I always want to go deeper to the why and how shifts are happening. As I have been diving into the research, I have reached a point where I’m curious about the role of beauty in our lives and our minds as humans.

What does beauty mean? As a society, as an individual, as a woman?

At the core is beauty the same across cultures? By this I don’t mean what does beauty look like, but what is it really about.

Maybe the real questions I want to ask are ….

What is beauty? And how do the ideas and beliefs of beauty shape our identity? What’s the story we tell ourselves about beauty (our beauty as individuals and as a culture)?

I’m curious as to what you think. What are your answers to these questions? Feel free to comment here or email me at amie@awilde.co




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