Golden Nugget: “There will always be someone stronger, smarter, and more qualified than you. So what?”

The wise Avery Johnson, Editor of Founded Magazine, shared a beautiful golden nugget for you. No matter how confidence and awesome we are, there are times when we compare ourselves to others. We think it must be easy for them. That once you hit ‘success’ the demons go away.

I think a better goal is to focus on being you. There is no one quite like you. No one has the exact DNA has you do. Own who you are. You do you. Find your obsessions and dare to go all in on them.

Now for Avery’s Golden Nugget and her heartfelt, inspiring message to go with it…


Golden Nugget

“There will always be someone stronger, smarter, and more qualified than you. So what?”

Girl, in life there are going to be opportunities. They will be both big and small. Some you may work for, such as a promotion, a raise, or a chance to strike out on your own. Other times they may sneak up on you– an offer, a proposal, a chance, a risk. They may shift and grow overtime: a chance to help another, to let go of a habit, to build a relationship.

But how many of these opportunities do we let go of simply because we don’t think we are enough? Because you think “she” can do it better, so why try? Because you can’t? Because you don’t deserve it?

This ends now.

I am here to tell you you are enough. To scream it from the rooftops and write it on your mirror, to whisper it in passing and type it here on your screen.

You, yes you, are enough.

So, my friends, here is your challenge. Will you sit back, comfortably behind the curtain of fear? Or will you be brave, say yes, and surprise yourself with all you can be? With all you are?

Be brave. You are enough.


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