“Go ahead and tell me I can’t because I will.”

As part of revving up for Jam Session happening next week, I asked the lovely ladies on the panel to write a guest blog post to share their insights and golden nuggets on press and entrepreneurship.

First up is Cindy Matalucci! Executive Producer, Host & Founder of The Pulse, Cindy left her corporate job in sales and marketing to follow her vision of a company to help entrepreneurs promote their businesses with a flare of entertainment. The Pulse has become an authority in San Diego, and is now providing a full service multimedia platform for clients to share their story through video. They cover red carpet events, launch parties, grand openings, and provide interview style videos for their clients to use on all social media outlets as well as their website. They even have Live Stream capability to stream an event live on Facebook or a clients website. When the Pulse shows up at your event, they create a much-needed buzz that used to be solely provided by PR Firms.

Today, Cindy is sharing her story of vision and drive. She is a woman full of determination and inspiration. From my experience in working with Cindy on past projects, I can tell you she has a genuine heart, big dreams and the chops to make it all happen.

Take it away Cindy…


Golden Nugget…

Trust in your vision and and never let anyone tell you “you can’t do it.” I like to say “Go ahead and tell me I can’t because I will.” 

Since the time I was a little girl I was always dreaming big.  Whether it was telling my mom I was going to attend Oxford University or that I would end up as a singer touring the world as I was serenading my whole Italian family with a rendition of Donna Summer’s MacArthur’s park (yes, that used to happen at family parties).

I did sing with a band for a while and I did go to a great college… even if it wasn’t Oxford University, I was one of the only kids in my family to finish college.  This theme continued throughout my life.  I always had a vision for what I wanted. At times people will try and steer you in a different direction or tell you that it is simply not possible. You cannot let them!

When I came up with the idea for The Pulse, many people including my family thought I was crazy.  They couldn’t conceptualize my vision or grasp really what I wanted to do with the brand and the concept.  I always knew that I wanted a TV show and San Diego had never quite seen anything like The Pulse before.

My family wanted me to stay in my cushy corporate job with all the benefits and the car allowance.  They were worried about the risk I would be taking with this venture that was unknown and not developed.  The thing was, I got goose bumps every time I thought about what The Pulse could be and I knew I had a great idea.  When I tested it in the market people really resonated with it.

When I tried to leave my corporate job, my company begged me to stay and told me I was taking a huge risk.  My manager was like, “Cindy, what about health insurance and your mortgage?”  I understand that all of this is something to consider before taking a huge leap to be a full time entrepreneur.  Most people thought what I was doing was more like a hobby or something I would grow tired of.  The funny thing was I was just scratching the surface.

I knew from the beginning I wanted to do more.  I wanted to get exclusive celebrity interviews, I wanted to be on the red carpet with A list actors and damn it I would!  Why couldn’t I was the question.

I remember telling my boyfriend that we were going to do Sundance Film festival, and he was like, I don’t know how we would do this or make this work.  I had absolutely no doubt I could make it work and had already booked us a hotel before we even got approved to be part of the festival.  There was just no telling me I couldn’t.  Skip to an AHA moment of me interviewing Katie Couric! Pinch me!!  It was all worth it:)

The same thing happened when I came up with the idea for a TV show. I always knew we would have one, it was just when and a matter of time until we would.  We did everything on the web for almost 4 years and over that time I produced a few web shows with the idea of turning them into a TV show.  We learned the production end of it and had the formula.  In my mind I knew I wanted to take the level up a notch and that if we were going to do TV we were going to do it right and have the look and feel of the show I visualized in my mind.


Has it been easy?  NO!  I am 100% type A. I argue with my team and really push them when they say this is hard to do or this is not going to work because I know we can find a work around to keep the vision intact!  (For example, I need movement in this segment we are producing, please circle me with the camera for this look, and use this Jib here in this shot!)

In the end, we all pushed each other out of our comfort zones and let me tell you we all had to learn everything from the ground up.  Did I bite off more than I could chew, well I say never!  You may have to be patient on your journey and you have to learn from your mistakes because let me tell you, you will make them.

There were many things I could have done differently, but at the end of the day you have to pick yourself up off the ground, dust yourself off, and remember your why! Remember why you started your business and what you wanted to do with your brand.  Remember your story and where you came from because it all plays into trusting in your vision and propelling yourself forward!

Yep, I already have two more TV shows in the works I am developing right now… it’s all in the vision! Would you expect anything less?


You can find Cindy all over the interwebs here: Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Join us Wednesday June 10th for Jam Session (press edition)! An evening of business Q + A plus a meeting of minds. Cindy and three other ladies will be on a panel answering all your questions around press strategy. Get the details here!

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