Golden Nugget | “Stress is just excitement without breath.”


“Stress is just excitement without breath.” -Fritz Perls, MD

From Maiko: “I think I remember you telling me the quote (which I immediately put in my phone) when we were enjoying cocktails at Sessions? (note from Amie: Yes, I remember!) I was telling you about how I was overwhelmed with the operations of G&K (constant staff turnover) and trying to figure out my new horizons for Sutra after selling the boutique (both of which you have been helping me with) and that in the last year I’ve started to experience a feeling in my chest like I couldn’t take a deep breath. Anxiety! You told me about walking in the hood and this quote… both helped a lot!

Expanding on this: First off, quotes make for awesome golden nuggets. They are those sayings you come back to time and time again. This particular one is magical in changing your perspective. Which is the first step in getting through an obstacle. Our attitude and perception really reflect our reality. So taking a moment to ‘flip it and reverse it’ can be a game changer. Stress can either fuel you or consume you. A deadline creates pressure and stress to finish. That fuels your motivation and creativity. The monkey mind taking over inside and making mountains over mole holes… that will consume you.

About Maiko: Boutique owner of Ginger & Koi located in Kona, Hawaii and blogger of Sutra Lifestyles, Maiko is an entrepreneur at heart. Finding herself miserable in an ad agency job in LA, she left without much of a plan and moved to Kona. Looking for a challenge, she opened a fashion and lifestyle boutique Ginger & Koi. After 10 years running the boutique, she decided it was time for another move and another adventure. She now calls San Diego home and found her new adventure in Sutra Lifestyles.



The Golden Nugget Series

I asked close friends and clients to send me a golden nugget of business wisdom they have gotten from me that has stuck with them. Why? In the moment with clients, I often forget what comes out of my mouth. I’m completely in the moment, in the flow. I’m focused on what’s happening. Plus, I wanted to see the golden nuggets that resonated with them and then share them with more people.



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