Golden Nugget | “Invest. In your systems, in your people, in your quality of life.”


Golden Nugget: “Invest. In your systems, in your people, in your quality of life.”

From Andrew ”Our conversation completely inspired me to get my Op’s in order and I immediately got online finding a new sales CRM.  Literally since that day I have been working 10 hours a day trying to convert databases, train my guys on the new system and integrate it with our automated shipping systems.  No joke, literally the second I got back to the office after we talked I got on the task and haven’t checked emails! Soooo, thank YOU for that! Clearly you have a talent coaching because our quick chat kicked me into gear.  This one change alone will likely convert into massive increases in revenue and insight into my own organization.

Expanding on this Golden Nugget:  I remember this conversation… Andrew was telling me about how the sales system for his juicer company was causing problems for his employees, his customers and himself. There was no records kept on customers in a way that made it easy to access for all employees. It was creating extra work for Andrew and above all frustration. By investing in a new software system, he was able to streamline the sales process. It may have cost him up front in the price of the software, setup time and training, but in the long run it increased sales. Front load the work and create systems allows for flow to happen.

About Andrew: Andrew is a serial entrepreneur. The kind of guy that takes action. That’s what I really like about him. He tries things out and when he sees an opportunity he goes for it. One of his longest going business’ is Healthy Juicer. If you are into living a healthy lifestyle that includes wheatgrass shots, check it out here:



The Golden Nugget Series

I asked close friends and clients to send me a golden nugget of business wisdom they have gotten from me that has stuck with them. Why? In the moment with clients, I often forget what comes out of my mouth. I’m completely in the moment, in the flow. I’m focused on what’s happening. Plus, I wanted to see the golden nuggets that resonated with them and then share them with more people.



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