Golden Nugget | “I believe in you.”


Golden Nugget: “I believe in you.”

From Leilani: “I remember you telling me that you believed in me. So simply stated and sincere, but sometimes that’s all someone needs to hear.”

Expanding on this: When we had this conversation Leilani had just taken a huge leap into creating her own business. Going from steady employment (read: security) to doing her own thing (read: freedom, but scary). When you first take this jump, it’s a roller coaster of emotions. It’s electric, exciting. Then it’s crazy, on the floor crying.  You finally took the step in the direction of your dreams. But it’s uncomfortable in this new territory. Believing in yourself and having a tribe of people who believe and support you make this insane ride a bit more smooth. Hold on tight and remember… I believe in you.

About Leilani: Leilani is the creative force at Style Sorbet, a boutique agency specializing in promotional strategies for the fashion and modeling industries. Projects include special event coordination, brand representation and model development. Beyond all of this, she is the sweetest and oh so humble!



The Golden Nugget Series

I asked close friends and clients to send me a golden nugget of business wisdom they have gotten from me that has stuck with them. Why? In the moment with clients, I often forget what comes out of my mouth. I’m completely in the moment, in the flow. I’m focused on what’s happening. Plus, I wanted to see the golden nuggets that resonated with them and then share them with more people.



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