Golden Nugget | “Don’t be afraid. Just do it.”


Golden Nugget: “Don’t be afraid. Just do it. Know what you’re after, and stay true to your vision.”

From Brittany: “I met Amie a while back, and will never forget our shared dream to travel the world, working small jobs and writing about the cities we’d live in. Of course, that dream sort of shifted into owning a small businesses, making our own brand marks on the world, and helping others who had a vision. Once we started to discuss doing our own things, and all of the fun nuts and bolts that come with starting it, we had one discussion over wine in South Park about fear: The fear of putting yourself out there. The fear of telling those you knew what you were doing. Not that it’s anything to be ashamed of, but hey, it’s scary…it’s like saying, “I wannabe my own #GIRLboss, and I know what’s up!” It’s such a different model from what has taken place for the better part of years before us. And, in both her words and actions later, she basically told me to go with it. To not be afraid. Take the steps you need to take. Learning from and seeing what Amie has done has helped inspire me – big time!”

Expanding on this: Brittany really said it here. It’s about starting before you’re ready and taking action. It’s all about execution. An idea is just that… an idea, a concept. What it has is potential. What it needs… you taking action to make it something real. If you wait until you think ‘you’re ready’, you’ll never start. There will always be something else to keep you from going for it… not the right time, not enough experience, etc. These are just limiting beliefs. You get the experience by taking the action. There is no perfect time. Perfection is a myth and it’s deadly.

About Brittany: There is a refreshing innocence about her, plus she has a passion for marketing and design that is charmingly sweet. She is genuinely so darling. Brittany is a marketer and writer, trying to build her own small brand and continue freelancing more.She has worked in agency settings, but is really passionate about small business and entrepreneurship. She loves working with enthusiasts who are striving to make this world a better place. Social media, web writing, marketing fixes and overall consulting: that’s this girl. Her blog and web space is a growing story, to help people with guides and advice, and inspire others to do the same. She is also always on the lookout for great sites and networks to contribute to and collaborate with, too. Check her out at:



The Golden Nugget Series

I asked close friends and clients to send me a golden nugget of business wisdom they have gotten from me that has stuck with them. Why? In the moment with clients, I often forget what comes out of my mouth. I’m completely in the moment, in the flow. I’m focused on what’s happening. Plus, I wanted to see the golden nuggets that resonated with them and then share them with more people.



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